HOUSTON A father in Tomball was recently on Craigslist, shopping for a tire cover for his jeep, when his online conversation with the seller headed in an unusual direction.

We negotiated a price and then he started asking questions about if I had children that would be interested in modeling, he said.

As the proud father of two young girls, he admits he was flattered. But the topic soon turned to how they might be willing to pose.

Eventually I was able to get him to admit that he wanted to buy pictures, pay me $5 per photo and $10 per nude photo, he said.

Disgusted, the father called both police and the FBI.

Using the Craigslist profile, investigators identified the seller as 22-year-old Spencer House.

When they went to his apartment complex in northwest Harris County, they said they found on his computer crude, nude pictures of prepubescent girls engaged in sexual acts.

They said they also found a box of children s underwear and bathing suits in his closet.

Investigators believe other parents may have been solicited on Craigslist too, because they said House had set up an ad for a child modeling studio.

It specifically called for girls to pose in swimwear, leotards and tights.

Knowing that now, the father said he feels good about his actions and hopes they will keep other kids safe.

But I know there s a lot that will take his place, he said. I just never thought it would happen to me.

On Wednesday Spencer House was charged on three felony counts for the possession of child pornography, police said.

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