HOUSTON A Baytown church that has been broken into almost once a year since 2006 is recovering once again.

Iglesia Bautista Betel has a system of secure rooms and a lock on every door. The burglars who hit this past Friday broke through every lock. They stole $3,800 in instruments, leaving the church with only drums to make music.

I feel sorry for them, said Pastor Edgar Quiroga. They think that the Lord is dead and if they don t think like that they act like that.

The thieves even broke into the church pantry, took food, cooked it in the church kitchen and sat down to eat it.

They don t have no respect for the Lord, so they just go on whatever they see on the TV or on the Internet, said Quiroga.

Quiroga said he believes kids from the neighborhood did it. Police said they agree it was the work of kids, but they really have not begun investigating who is responsible.

Whoever it is lives so close that they loaded up a baby crib in the nursery with loot, but ended up leaving it behind.

I ve been preaching that we re supposed to love them, and we love them, but we hate whatever they do, said Quiroga.

Forgiveness is a Biblical concept, but so is justice.

We are going to press charges on them, said Deacon Louis Hernandez.

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