FORT WORTH, Texas-- Police and family members say he's dangerous, and now he's been released in Fort Worth.

News 8 told you about Daniel Wayne Staley in March. He was placed in a mental hospital after digging up a corpse and cutting off it's foot. In journals, he's threatened to kill people. His family says he means it.

Staley was dropped off near downtown Fort Worth Friday at a homeless shelter with only a bag of clothes.

I mean, they can't do anything about it now, can they? he told News 8 in an exclusive interview. I'm already back out.

That has many people worried.

Staley's been in and out of jail and hospitals since he was 10 years old. He told News 8 he enjoys killing cats and dogs.

It was fascinating to kill animals, to kill something, he said.

His journals are troubling. He describes wanting to kill people and watch them suffer. But he said it's all creative writing.

I wouldn't say I have a mental illness, but I got issues, he said. But, I can guarantee you I'm not going to go out and kill someone.

He won't be monitored at a halfway house. By law, the state says he cannot be kept in a mental institution indefinitely.

But his family fears him. Especially when he's not taking his medication. He's been diagnosed with anti-social behavior and sexual sadism.

In May 2010, he dug up a woman's corpse in a Dallas cemetery and took some of the remains, including a foot. He was sent to a mental hospital after that.

News 8 asked what his fascination is with having a corpse or cadavers.

I don't know, it's a real fetish of mine, I guess, he replied.

While in the hospital, Staley told us he attacked a nurse.

Dallas and Fort Worth police have tried to keep Staley from getting out, but can't. For a few months, he's supposed to report to a caseworker, but not one can force him to.

It's all my decision what I do next, Staley said.


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