FREEPORT -- A school in Brazoria County is dealing with a bat infestation, and it has been that way for months.

At Freeport Intermediate School, some students say the bats are bouncing off the walls.

They re in the hallways chasing people, 8th grader Ariana Burton-Hobbs said. That s not safe for kids coming to school if they re chasing people.

Many students have pictures on their cell phones showing just how close the bats have come.

Parents say they were first told about the problem last year.

I just tell my son to stay away from them, parent Jennifer Toledo said.

But the problem has not gone away.

Because bats are protected by state and federal regulations, extracting them is slow and delicate. And more keep coming.

Last week there was a top to bottom cleaning at the school.

So far, it has seemed to work. Officials say there has not been a bat sighting in four days.

Though it is rare, bites can be deadly. A few years ago, a teen in Humble died from rabies after a bat flew into his bedroom and bit him in his sleep.

It is the kind of tragedy the Brazosport ISD has been trying to avoid.

After 11 News called the school, the principal drafted a letter. She plans to send it home to parents on Wednesday.

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