SPLENDORA -- A home that was damaged Hurricane Ike when it roared ashore nearly five years ago is still in bad shape. The Splendora woman who lives there is now worried that she might lose her house -- leaving her with nowhere to go.

Jane Woltersdorf, 68, moved to Splendora from Houston in 2006 after a friend sold her a used trailer. She found a plot to rent on Hayden Road for $200 a month.

But the next year, Hurricane Ike struck.

I woke up and went God, she said.

The property never quite recovered. Windows still dangle from their panes, insulation blows in the wind, and Woltersdorf wakes up nearly every morning with the fear of soon being homeless.

Battling a serious heart condition that leaves her exhausted, she says she has no money to move and nowhere to turn. She doesn t have any family.

So far, the roof appears to be holding up, but the sides of the home are a different story.

I just worry that the wind will blow in a wall and it s over, she said.

For now, she has electricity and running water. She is able to work from home selling insurance. Her three dogs keep her company.

I really stay alive for them, she said. Because they really do love me; I keep it together for them.

She does not like visitors to see the inside of her home. At the same time, Woltersdorf rarely complains.

I consider myself blessed, I do, she says.

Yet, it can be difficult to feel that way as your home crumbles before your eyes. The property does not seem to have much time left.

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