LA MARQUE The chaos that ensued after a woman found her elderly mother in a pool of blood highlighted testimony Thursday at the capital murder trial of a teenage boy.

Deborah Tagle testified about how she and her young son discovered the body of Vaneeda Wright, 84, and that she recognized the defendant, Jor Dan Jacqueinn Maurice Lewis, from when he lived in the neighborhood.

Lewis, then 14, was accused of stabbing Wright 28 times in her home on Prune Street in La Marque on May 29, 2011. A butcher knife was left embedded in Wright s cheek.

Lewis, now 16, is possibly the youngest defendant ever certified in Galveston County to stand trial as an adult in a capital murder case.

Tagle testified she would frequently go with her son, then 11, to Wright s house to care for her, as her mother was in the early stages of Alzheimer s disease. Lewis was among two children her son would play with while visiting his grandmother.

Paul Handy, Wright s neighbor, testified Tuesday that on the day Wright was found dead, he saw Lewis walk to Wright s door, but he didn t see him enter the house.

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