SAN ANTONIO -- A woman in town to be the maid of honor at her sister's wedding says she cut her trip short after being attacked by bed bugs at a local hotel.

The woman's brother-in-law, U.S. Marine Sgt. Simeon Rodriguez, said Howard Johnson hotel management has refused to issue a refund, despite the family presenting photos of the bed bugs and capturing one of the bugs in a water bottle.

The hotel is located off I-10 West near DeZavala Road.

Rodriguez and his wife Geneva got married last weekend. They were happy to have all their wedding guests in town.

Told them all these great things about San Antonio, Rodriguez said. Kind of puts it on the back burner.

Geneva's sister Jestena noticed the bites on several parts of her body a few days into her trip. She said she even found the actual bugs after pulling off the bed sheets.

We got that room inspected and there wasn't anything in there, said Howard Johnson receptionist Whitney Miller, who offered to move Jestena to another room.

Instead, Jestena cut her trip short and drove 23 hours back to Michigan earlier this week.

KENS 5 asked the receptionist for a copy of the receipt, but she told us her manager had taken it home for the day.

Simeon said hotel management has given him conflicting stories on when or even if a pest control company has inspected the room.

Whitney said the hotel has no plans to offer Jestena a refund.

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