HOUSTON A student was arrested Tuesday morning for making a terroristic threat toward North Shore Senior High School on the social networking site, Twitter, according to Galena Park ISD officials.

The student tweeted, Who wants to help me blow up the school tomorrow? at about 8:45 p.m. Monday, investigators said. The message was retweeted over 50 times and someone notified the FBI.

The student, a sophomore, admitted sending the message and said he did it because he didn t want to go to school Tuesday. That s when classes resumed from winter break.

Law enforcement officials determined the student had no ability to carry out the threat, but took action against the teen for posting the comments. He faces a felony charge of making a terroristic threat.

Parents said the news about the threat was alarming.

It s always scary when you hear things happening like that to the schools, one woman said.

The incident comes about a month after a student shot himself on campus as he was in police custody.

Galena Park ISD officials said classes were going on as scheduled. They urged parents and guardians to remind students to be mindful of what they post to their social media sites. While the sites are good tools for communication, posting certain comments are against the law and can be hurtful to others, or themselves.

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