HOUSTON- Sylvia Delacruz and her niece, Andrea Senteno, spent many a Friday nights together. This past Friday marked their last.

Delacruz said Senteno left her home to go to a nightclub with friends and said they left her there.

How could you take a friend to a club and leave them? she asked.

Then, around 5:30 Saturday morning, she said her son received a phone call from Senteno herself.

She was like gagging and there was a guy in the background, Delacruz said. We don t know what happened. We don t know.

But the family learned what happened next after later seeing reports on television.

They learned Senteno had tried walking along State Highway 249 near TC Jester Boulevard and was killed along the way.

She was probably coming to my house, Delacruz said, tearing up.

Deputies said they found Senteno s body shortly after 6 a.m. and that she had been hit by a red Ford F 150 pickup.

There was one witness, yet it is the driver the family now wants to hear from.

How could somebody just leave this, this person that has two babies expecting their mother to come home and ain t going to come home? Delacruz asked. How could somebody live with that for the rest of their life?

Andrea Senteno was 24 years old and relatives said she had two young sons.

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