MONTREAL, Quebec A man with his camera pointed at an eagle circling in the sky was recording when the bird swooped down and snatcheda toddler.

In the video, the bird appeared to make it a few feet off the ground before dropping the boy. Thankfully, it appeared he wasn t injured.

The video was uploaded this week to YouTube, quickly getting attention around the world. The person who uploaded it wrote the caption, A golden eagle tries to snatch a baby in Montreal! What if he got away with it!?

Now the big question everyone has: is the video real?

It certainly looks believable, but some people have pointed out some issues with the video:

>> It was uploaded by a new YouTube account with no previous uploads
>> If you look closely you can see the shadows drop in and out of the shot, and at one point one of the eagle s wings totally disappears
>> Some also noted thebird seemed to accelerate at an unnatural pace as it swooped down to grab the boy
>> There were no news reports in Montreal about the incident
>> Lastly, Gawker points out it s the time of year when a 3D animation school in Montreal uploads their work to YouTube to see how believable their videos are as part of an exam

If you want to see the entire video, it's not hard to find via a search on YouTube ( Golden Eagle Snatches Kid ). I won't be linking to it here due to mature language in the audio.

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