AUSTIN, Texas-- An Austin stunt co-coordinator is working with the Syfy Channel on a new series and video game called Defiance.

Janell Vela Smith has four black belts and her own production company, Iron Dragon Productions. She's a first degree in taekwondo and third degree in tukong moosul, the style used in the first Sin City movie.

Next week, Smith is going to start shooting for Defiance at Austin Studios. She is doing stunts, martial arts and possibly filling in for actresses on the series.

It's going to be a lot of green screen work. So you may not actually see me, but you'll see me moving, Smith said.

She says that the show itself and video game are combined. It's a new concept, Smith said.

This is actually Smith's third video game. She's also worked on Star Wars.

You do a lot of takes over and over again. If they miss one move, they get another move from another angle, she said.

Smith is also currently training actress Patricia Vonne for her role in Sin City 2. She trains and teaches martial arts in gyms across Austin.

Janell's production company is doing a series called The Next Dragon for Robert Rodriguez's upcoming network, El Ray. Look for that next year, as well as Defiance on Syfy, which premiers in April. Smith says the video game is going to be tied-in directly with the show. You can play online, but it will also be available to buy for all the major gaming stations.

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