D/FW AIRPORT -- The final minutes of a months-long wait came to an end just before 7 p.m. Friday.

Jabin Bogan walked out of security at D/FW International Airport, and began to smile as he saw who was there. Halfway down a set of stairs, he dropped his suitcase and picked up his six-year-old son.

He sobbed. And then came the biggest, tightest hug a grown man and his child could ever share.

It feels so good to hear you say 'Daddy!' Jabin cried, holding his son, Jakobe.

My son, that's my motivation, Jabin said. That kept me going every day. My mama is my strength -- without my mama I wouldn't be no where now. My family is my pride and joy.

In April, Bogan was carrying a shipment of ammunition to Arizona. He made a wrong turn, and accidentally crossed the border into Mexico. He was arrested, charged, and held in custody. He was finally freed Friday morning after his mother paid a fine.

God is good, world, said Bogan's mother, Aletha Smith, at the airport while watching her son and grandson embrace. I am so relieved, so grateful. I'm ecstatic. Praise God. Praise God.

Jabin embraced his sister, Afrika Capers. And kissed his girlfriend Tanya Davis, Jakobe's mother. He said to her, through tears, You are my angel.

He said he couldn't even explain how it felt to be home.

I want to say God is good man, God has blessed me, Bogan said.


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