HOUSTON Criminal charges have not been filed against two private security guards despite cell phone video that shows them firing their guns at a vehicle speeding away from a northwest Houston parking lot, police said.

Police said that criminal charges against them have not been recommended.

The video, shot on September 22nd at a strip mall located at 10510 Northwest Freeway, shows private security guards trying to make patrons leave a restaurant at 1 a.m. Both the customers and the security guards exchanged expletives.

A worker at MX Bar said the men were fighting inside the restaurant and that private security guards hired by the restaurant were just trying to make them leave.

But as one of the vehicles backs out of a parking space it hits another vehicle. On the video you can hear one of the private security guards, identified by Houston police as employees of Worldwide Security and Investigations, ordering the driver to get out of the vehicle. Instead it speeds away and, according to police, both security guards open fire shooting several times as the vehicle races through the parking lot.

No one was injured, but the security guards were reportedly fired from their restaurant assignment the next day.

Houston police confirmed that their officers were called to the scene and that they did take statements from the security guards and from the customers involved. The security guards said they were in fear of their lives as the vehicle sped away and that they believed one of the people in the car was reaching for a gun. But police said the customers who returned to file a police report werereportedly heavily intoxicated and were unable to clearly describe what happened.

Now, a month later, the police investigation is still open, but charges have not been recommended against the security guards.

A representative for Worldwide Security and Investigations could not be reached for comment.

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