MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas A pair of burglary suspects held a security guard at gunpoint overnight and used his truck to smash into a gun shop, deputies said.

The store s owner said the men made off with several weapons.

According to the Montgomery County Sherriff s Office, the crime happened around 12:30 a.m. Wednesday at a strip center in the 200-block of Sawdust Road.

A security guard told deputies he saw a man lying on the ground near one of the strip center s stores. The guard called 911, thinking the man was injured. The man even told the guard he needed his inhaler just before a second man stepped out of some nearby woods and pointed a weapon at the guard.

The guard told deputies the suspects hit him before taking his pickup truck and crashing it through the front glass of Woodlands Tactical Police and Shooters Supply.

The men smashed a display case and stole three or four guns. The rest of the store s weapons were locked up, the owner told KHOU 11 News.

You ve got criminals so daring to commit two violent crimes in a row, said owner Ron Eastman. One carjack someone, and then use that vehicle to burglarize a gun store. So I mean, whoever did this, they wanted in here, and they were going to get in here one way or the other even if they had to cut holes in the walls.

Deputies said they were on the scene within minutes but were unable to locate the two suspects, one of which wore a jacket and gloves. The guard said the other had a partial bandana covering his face.

Investigators are now reviewing security video of the incident, which shows the two suspects slamming the truck into the store.

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