DALLAS -- The Stratosphere ride at the State Fair of Texas is supposed to give riders thrills and a spectacular aerial view of the Midway, but some passengers Friday got a much longer look than they anticipated when the power failed on the ride while they were high in the air.

Dallas Fire Rescue is responding to try to rescue the trapped riders. At least one firefighter climbed all the way to the top of the ride, which is approximately 200 feet high. The riders have been stuck since about 9 p.m.

Sky Attractions, the company that made The Stratosphere, bills the ride as the tallest portable swing in the world.

Twenty-four riders were on board The Stratosphere, State Fair staff will manually lower them down. It is unknown how long it will take to crank the ride down. The Dallas police do have phone contact with the riders, and no injuries have been reported.

The ride had multiple malfunctioning problems at a Minnesota fair earlier this summer, according to reports from WCCO.

A Dallas police source tells News 8 this is the second time this has happened on the ride this week. The source told us the last time, riders were not stranded long.

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