HOUSTON A group of students, parents and teachers watched as their class experiment blasted off into space aboard the privately-owned SpaceX Dragon cargo ship.

Allie Burns was part of the team with a project chosen from Pershing Middle School.

I m watching something that I did go up into space, said Burns. Like what is going on! This is crazy.

Allie Burns, Austin Abbott, John Davidson and Ivan Arizpe competed with hundreds of others to have an opportunity to test the effects of zero gravity and antibiotics on the growth of bacteria in space.

The project is called One small step for bacteria. One giant leap for mankind.

Only 11 schools were picked to have an experiement blast off.

I just thought it was really cool that ours actually got in, said Austin Abbott.

Burns rememberd the day last year when their teacher walked up to them with the challenge.

She s like, you have another project and we re like oh another project, recalled Burns. She s like it could be sent up into space and we re like so maybe we should actually try on this one.

They had to experience a formal proposal and flight safety review process before having their project head to the International Space Station.

Associate Principal Amber Pinchback from Johnston Middle School worked with many of the winning students.

The kids were very competitive with it, said Pinchback. They wanted to win. They knew they had tough competitors so they gave it their all.

Their experiment should be back on earth sometime next.

Coming down from the excitement might take a little longer.

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