HOUSTON For most, the college scene is all about classes and cramming, but more moms are finding it s a second chance.

Cheryl Jimenes, 28, is a student at the University of Houston. She s also a mother, wife and veteran trying to fit school in where she can.

I started after high school in 2003 and the money just got too hard. It was difficult and my parents couldn t pay for it, Jimenes said.

This time around she has the money, but not as much time, so she does most of what she can online.

I m on my fifth year now, she said. I can t take all the hours that I need to.

According to the American Association of University Women, 60 percent of online students are women; the majority of them are over age 25. Jimenes hopes to graduate next year and so does Katherine Berry.

Berry is also a mom pursuing higher education. Her kids are in college as well.

My middle one, we re scheduled to graduate December 2013. She goes to the University of Texas. I m here (the University of Houston). She s science and I m not, Berry said.

Berry is an accounting major, has a great internship, is president of the honors business fraternity and studies hard.

I spend my evenings and weekends at home sitting at my desk, sitting at my computer, doing my reading, doing my homework and everything, she said.

Berry s confident her hard work will pay off. After all, mom knows best.

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