HOUSTON--After the Harris County Attorney and the City of Houston filed a lawsuit to have a local strip club shut down, a judge issued a court order on Monday that Treasures can stay open provided it meets a host of new conditions.

The lawsuit alleged that the owners, management and employees of Treasures, located in the 5600 block of Westheimer, knowingly tolerate drug activity, organized crime and the human trafficking of young women for the purpose of prostitution.

Prosecutors said there have been more than five gang-related incidents some involving prostitution and drugs at Treasures in the past year.

Judge Alexandra Smoots Hogan heard four days of testimony, including statement froms undercover police officers and video surveillance.

In a court order on Monday, Judge Hogan made several stipulations for the continued operation of the club and to ensure prostitution and drug crimes do not occur.

Now, dancers must more adequately cover their bodies.The judge said that in a video she viewed to make her decision, she saw too much tookus for my liking.

I want full coverage of the behind, said Hogan.

Drug tests for all employees are now mandatory and will take place twice a month.

This has been a long time in coming. I think what she ordered there was wisdom in each of the elements of what she ordered. And hopefully Treasures will comply, said Houston City Attorney David Feldman.

The judge set December 10 as the date on which a full evidentiary hearing will take place to decide if Treasures has met the new requirements in order to remain open.

Attorneys for Treasures, and the employees who attended the hearing, said they had no immediate comment on the ruling.

A full list of conditions is listed below:

- All bags of all employees must be checked and that process must be recorded on camera.

- Dancers more adequately cover their bodies, with full coverage of the behind.

- Patron Dresscode: shirts must be tucked in.

- State and federal background checks will be performed on everyone who works at Treasures, including contractors.

- In the event of a felony conviction, the offending employee will be fired.

- No more un-reported sex acts or drug buys. All must be reported to HPD.

- Security officers are required at all times on all levels of the club.

- Mandatory random drugs tests of all employees will take place at least two times a month.

- Treasures will install an additional 14 cameras to the existing 12 cameras at the club. Video will be turned over to county and city attorneys to review. Cameras must be installed in the next 7 days. Videos are for attorneys eyes only and cannot be used by HPD in a criminal prosecution.

- Any serious violation of these new orders could lead to a full evidentiary hearing that could lead to an immediate closure of the club.

- December 10th scheduled for now as the date of the full evidentiary hearing to decide of Treasures has met the new requirements enough to remain in operation.

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