HOUSTON Friday is expected to bring more high heat with possibly record-breaking temperatures before a much-anticipated cool front settles in over the weekend.

Just hang on for one more day of high heat before the relief comes, said KHOU 11 News Meteorologist Gene Norman.

Overnight on Thursday, humidity is high at 77-percent but there is a light breeze. Temperatures will soar into the upper 90s by Friday afternoon, with a heat index between 102 and 106 in northern counties. Toward the coast, conditions will be similar and very muggy. The record for tomorrow is 98 and temperatures are expected to approach or surpass that.

The 7-day forecast shows a change in conditions with a 20-percent chance of rain for Saturday and a slight decrease in temperatures with morning lows in the 60s and highs in the 80s on Monday and Tuesday.

There are some remnants of Isaac still swirling around in the Gulf, but what was once a 40% chance of it reforming is now a very disorganized system.

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