SAN ANTONIO -- For months, SAPD detectives had few leads in a deadly hit and run incident outside a San Antonio night club but according to investigators, a confession has led to a big break in the case.

On November 13, 2011, Miguel Alonzo was outside The Galls Nightclub when he was ran over and killed following a confrontation according to police.

Since Alonzo's death, all SAPD investigators had to work with were photos of the suspect s car leaving the scene, but no solid leads as to who the driver was.

On Wednesday, SAPD investigators identified and arrested Christopher John Cerna, 35. Handcuffed and facing a murder charge Cerna didn t say a word to the media as he was moved to a squad car.

According to police their big break in the case came from someone Cerna had confessed to.

That lead police to pinpoint Cerna as their main suspect and after interviewing Cerna, detectives said he confessed to running over Alonzo and fleeing the scene.
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