HOUSTON The smell of sweet success never smelled nor tasted so good for a Texas couple with a booming cookie delivery business.

Tiffany and Leon Chen have been capitalizing on warm cookies for over a decade.

The key is getting them in there warm, says Tiffany Chen, now co-owner of Tiffany s Treats at 3800 Southwest Freeway. All of your favorite cookie classics at the southwest Houston bakery and storefront are made fresh, warm and ready for delivery.

Our concept is delivered hot out of the oven, adds Leon Chen. You call just like you would pizza or order online.

It is a cool concept.The details of how it came to be 13 years ago are just as delicious as the cookies.

We sort of had a miscommunication about when we re going to meet up, says Tiffany. So as an apology I took some cookies over.

A cookie or two later her then boyfriend, Leon, a fellow student at the University of Texas in Austin, came up with the concept.

He liked them so much he called and said we need to deliver these like pizza, she explained.

Together, the two got cooking. They baked cookies from his college apartment, even skipped classes to fill orders.

That first year we worked about a 100 hours each a week and we owed $15,000, Leon Chen said.

They eventually transitioned to the back of an Austin baked potato place and when they graduated in 2001, instead of finding so-called real jobs, they used their cookie cash to buy a new space for their business.

Leon and Tiffany Chen continued to crank out cookies and as they did so the customers kept coming and Tiff s Treats kept expanding. The Houston store was the 9th Tiff s Treats to open.

The mouth-watering recipes are all Tiffany Chen s.Everything else is pretty much a team effort for the business partners turned husband and wife.

We started this when we were 19 years-old.So what s it like not working together? says Tiffany.The couple willingly admits not every day is sugar-coated, but the smell of sweet success keeps their cookie from crumbling.
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