AUSTIN, Texas--- Campus police at the University of Texas in Austin are sending out an alert to parents of students warning them aboutanonymous callerswho claim to have kidnapped their children and demand money.

Sgt. Charles Bonnet of U.T.P.D. said that in the past month and a half, officers have heard from two different parents.

In one case, it was a thousand dollars so the kind of amount where if you were a parent and you were scared and for whatever reason you couldn't get a hold of your son or daughter right away, that's the kind of money somebody might be able to put their hands on quickly without necessarily going to get a loan, saidBonnet.

Neither Detectivesnor representatives with Texas Parents know where or how the callers are getting the telephone numbers of U.T. parents, however U.T. police are hoping that any other parents getting the calls will take good notes and ask good questions.

Any information that they can get from the callers as far as where the money should go?Asking questions well how do I know you have my son or daughter? any sort of information that they can get and provide to law enforcement even if they think is trivial at the time may end up helping us put this case together, added Bonnet.

Agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigations are assisting U.T.P.D. in the investigation.
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