PASADENA These days, some of the best deals in gas are going to Kroger customers.

Those with Kroger Plus cards can receive ten cents off a gallon. With Kroger s 1-2-3 Visa Rewards card, they can save an additional 25 cents a gallon for three months.

But those are not the only deals out there.

On Thursday, KHOU 11 News surveyed the Houston area and found the cheapest prices on average are in Pasadena. Gas was just $2.88 a gallon at a Kroger on Red Bluff.

Up the road, there was bumper-to-bumper traffic to pay just $2.99 a gallon at Exxon.

I m on a fixed income driver Diane Cook said while waiting in line. I have to watch how I spend money.

Some analysts say the low prices should last through the summer, pending a disruption in the Middle East or a hurricane.

According to, the state s cheapest gas can now be found in South Texas. A station in McAllen was listed selling unleaded gas for $2.64 a gallon.

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