TEXAS CITY, Texas A tire thief who strikes in the middle of the night has left pickup trucks balanced on blocks and homeowners on edge in the Texas City area.

I wish that we had seen him and heard him and come out in time, said one woman, who asked not to be identified.

She said the thief stole three of the tires off of her pickup over the weekend.

I m very angry and disgusted. I m angry because it s been a big inconvenience, she said.

According to authorities, the thief has struck several times in recent days, most often targeting Chevrolet pickups parked in homeowners driveways.

Similar crimes have also been reported in League City.

Mackenzie Carver lost a tire from her pickup truck on Saturday.

They don t think about how they re affecting the person, she said. They only care about themselves and their own benefit.

So far, the best evidence for police is surveillance video taken from the home of one of the victims. It shows a person removing several tires.

Really it s the case, said Texas City Police Captain Brian Goetschius. It explains everything other than maybe an explanation why they were doing it. But it certainly shows their actions.

The crime spree rattled the nerves of homeowners who were keeping a close eye out for anything out of the ordinary.

It makes me feel very insecure, said Andrea Mitchell. I mean I want to call the cops every time my dog barks.

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