HOUSTON New crime numbers are out, and there s an uptick in burglaries in and around Clear Lake.

In the months of March and April, Houston police report there were 61 home and business burglaries in the Clear Lake area, compared to 48 in the two months prior.

Two of those burglaries happened in Lin Leesing s subdivision.

She moved to the area 40 years ago.

We lived here when pretty much everybody knew everybody else, said Leesing. We were like family and then something happened while we were asleep, as my husband says.

Therewas also an increases in other crimes. Twenty-oneauto thefts were reported for the past two months, and 10 robberies.

Vaughan Walker isn t surprised by the numbers.

No I m not at all surprised at all, said Walker. It's caused by the economy. It s caused by what s going on in the United States today.

The new crime numbers are surprising to other residents, like Donald Roberson. He is just preparing to make sure he doesn t become a statistic, too.

I was gonna have a security system put in my house, said Roberson. Now I have a dog, but what about when I m not there.

Another crime that seems to be on the rise in Clear Lake is criminal mischief. There were 32 cases reported in the month of April alone.

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