HOUSTON--Saturdaymarked a new season and a new stadium for the Houston Dynamo.

Young fans kicked around soccer balls in the parking lot. Many people could not wait to get inside to finally see the stadium.

It is something we can call home now, Dynamo fan Daniel Ocampo said. Now this is home.

It s impressive, said Will Garner, another spectator. It reminds me of the bird s nest stadium in Beijing.

Season ticket holder Andrea Duarte hopes it will attract new fans to soccer.

We have a huge Hispanic population waiting to get on board, Duarte said. I think this will be a great platform for everyone to come together to enjoy a new sport.

From the food to the freebies, it was an exciting afternoon for Houstonians. Many of them wore team jerseys, which helped bathe the city s bright new landmark in an ocean of orange.

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