HOUSTON After KHOU 11 News cameras were allowed inside the dilapidated Astrodome, Houstonians took notice.

Russell Spohn is one of them.

I saw that. Man, that looked bad. That s sad. I mean, that s that s history. They should do something ... That hurts, he said.

These days, the Eighth Wonder of the World is looking a little worse for the wear.

After years of just sitting there, the most famous building in Houston s history is in shambles. The worst part is, it will cost a whole lot of money to fix it.

It even costs money to let it sit there.

But we re paying, what is it, $2 million a year to watch it die a slow death? You know, it breaks your heart, Spohn said.

It s especially heartbreaking to Houstonians who remember the Dome s better days, from the Luv Ya Blue Oilers to the rainbow-jerseyed Astros.

County officials say just tearing the Dome down will cost more than $80 million.

It s money. It costs a lot of money. You know, we still owe more. The taxpayers till owe more on the Dome than it cost to build it in the first place, Harris County Judge Ed Emmett said.

It s kind of like a piece of you just going down the tubes, Spohn said.

A sports memorabilia dealer figured the county could sell the old Astrodome seats for $200-$300 each money that could save the old home of the Astros and the Oilers.

They ve spent so much money now, they re in a trap. Obviously, it needs to be torn down. I hate to say that, but after seeing this report you guys did, it s just unbelievable, Larry Dluhy of Sports Collectibles of Houston said.

Ultimately, Harris County voters will likely decide on the fate of Houston s most iconic structure.

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