HOUSTON -- A 21-year-old man who could not take no for an answer was charged with felony stalking after sending his ex-girlfriend multiple threatening text messages and emails, then tried to run her off the road, according to the University of Houston police.

Hanny Allen Abouekde allegedly stalked his ex-girlfriend repeatedly between February 3, 2012 and March 26, 2012, making her fear for her life. The object of his unwanted affection a University of Houston student said she broke up with him because he was abusive to her during their relationship, according to court documents.

Police said On February 3, Abouekde showed up at his ex-girlfriend s Fort Bend County home without permission. She called and reported him to the Sheriff s office and a criminal trespassing warning was issued.

The victim told Abouekde that she did not wish to have any contact with him. He ignored her request.

On February 22, Abouekde sent his ex-girlfriend several text messages begging for forgiveness and she texted him back saying once again she did not wish to have any contact with him.

Abouekde told her that all he wanted to do was cuddle with her and all he needed was an angel. He also told the woman she was in every song that he listened to. Do I have to harass you to get you to talk to me, one of the text messages read.

The following day, Abouekde texted his ex again, asking her to attend a school concert with him, but she would not respond.

On February 27, authorities said Abouekde sent the woman a text message from a different number asking, Are we cool, ?=$.

When she did not reply, he texted, ??

On March, 4 Abouekde sent his ex-girlfriend an e-mail telling her that he loved her, just wanted to start over, deleted all of his other e-mail accounts and was not visiting any dating sites anymore. He continuously asked her if she would just come over. She ignored his messages.

On March 6, Abouekde sent another email telling her he just wanted another chance and wanted to marry her. He told her he would not let anything or anyone get in the way of their relationship. Later that night, he sent another email telling her he missed her and just wanted to see her face again one day.

On March 7 at 11:58 a.m., Abouekde sent a text message from an unknown number saying Linnyboo, it s HanHan.

Once again, the ex-girlfriend did not respond.

He then sent another text message a short time later saying, I m sorry. I want nothing more than to protect you and be your stronghold for eternity. With love, Hanny.

The ex-girlfriend still refused to reply.

On March 8, Abouekde sent an email saying he was perfect mentally and physically. He added that he met a couple that was in a similar situation to their relationship and the two of them got back together. He said he now knew what to do to make their relationship work.

On March 9, Abouekde sent a text message saying that if given another chance, he would be a 10 billion times better boyfriend.

He sent many emails over the next several days begging for her to return to him; all which she ignored.

Then things got nasty.

Abouekde sent a series of emails and texts calling the woman a demon, scumface loser, disease-infected, selfish and drug-addicted, among other things. These emails terrified the victim.

The ex-girlfriend, in fear for her life, filed a complaint with the University of Houston Department of Public Safety on March 21. Later that night, Abouekde sent her flowers.

Police questioned Abouekde on March 23 and he admitted to sending the texts and emails. They informed him he was not to have any contact with the woman by email, text messages, phone or in person.

On March 27, Abouekde swerved in front of his girlfriend as she was traveling on Highway 59. He continued to ride alongside her, not letting her pass, while pointing his middle finger and mouthing profanity.

Police then issued a warrant for his arrest.

Bail for Abouekde was set at $50,000.

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