HOUSTON Orlando Critchlow walked in to a Rosenberg convenience store carrying an envelope stuffed with money and hope.

Critchlow s coworkers sent him to buy a stack of lottery tickets for Friday s MegaMillions Lottery drawing.

At this writing, it s worth $540 million.

Critchlow said he s never won a lottery but, there s a first time for everything.

While the man from Richmond waited in line, several others lined up to buy their tickets at Rudy s Stop and Shop as well.

Tickets were selling so fast, more had to be shipped in.

The store s owner, Samir Presla, said he s expecting a large number of customers until the drawing tomorrow night.

Rudy s is a big draw, and there s a good reason people win here.

A lot.

The store paid out $22 million to winners last year.

That s more than any other store in Texas.

On any given day, Rudy s owners say anywhere from 5 to 10 people win between $500 and $1,000.

Lloyd Haines won $1 million with a scratch-off ticket he bought at the store.

The 70-year-old military retiree said he has no secret when it comes to picking numbers.

You just have to believe, he said.

Haines, like the rest of the world, will be watching to see which numbers are drawn Friday night.

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