HOUSTON A Houston mother fighting to regain custody of her son after he was reportedly kidnapped eight years ago appeared in court Wednesday morning for a CPS hearing.

The judge ruled that the boy, 8-year-old Miguel Morin, will remain in foster care for the time being.

His biological parents, Auboni Champion-Morin and Fernando Morin, say they want him back in their lives, and they are willing to do anything to make that happen.

The judge said the Morins need to get psychological help.

Miguel Morin was allegedly abducted by his godmother back in 2005, when he was just 8 months old.

The godmother, Krystle Rochelle Tanner, has been arrested.

Investigators said Tanner has been raising Miguel as her own son. Authorities uncovered the boy s true identity last summer, when she took him to the hospital for a leg injury.

In court Wednesday, CPS officials said Miguel is two years behind in school, but is very inquisitive and sweet.

However, he also believes that Tanner is actually his mother, and he does not know about his biological family.

Members of that family were also at the courthouse Wednesday, in a show of support.

I want Miguel to come back home. That s my nephew, that s my brother s son, and he needs to come back home with his family, where he belongs, Daniela Morin, the boy s aunt, said. We re just going to have to be real patient with him. It s going to be very difficult for a child, especially, it s going to be very hard for him.

CPS officials said they re conducting home studies to see where Miguel should ultimately be placed.

Another couple, Joseph and Juanita Aguillard, are also hoping to get custody of the little boy.

The Aguillards are currently raising the Morins other four children. They said Auboni Champion-Morin just gave the kids to them years ago.

His older sister she can t wait to see him. They ve never seen him before, Juanita Aguillard said.

Regardless of who gets custody, CPS officials said Miguel will need time to adjust.

Miguel is going to need them to be supportive and understand that transition that he s going to go through. Because right now, Miguel believes that his family lives in San Augustine, CPS spokesperson Estella Olguin said.

The next hearing in the case is set for May 16, 2012.

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