HOUSTON Some young adults and teenagers learned tough lessons Saturday about crime and violence after a local group took them to a funeral home.

Reginald Gordon with Operation Outreach thoughta funeral home in Houston s Third Ward seemed a fitting backdrop for a workshop aimed at stopping crime and violence among young people.

Our young people have become so desensitized about death, Gordon said. They can see one of their friends killed one day, and they ve forgotten about it two days later.

Gordon thought they could use a couple lessons.

OK young people, this is going to be a whole lot of you for the rest of your life cause you ve got an attitude problem, he told them.

He used in-your-face tactics and real crime scene photos that brought stunned looks upon the teenagers faces.

They re not likely to forget the lesson any time soon.

Young men. If you all do not make better decisions and make changes, this is where you re going to end up, Gordon told them. You re going to end up in this room with somebody cutting on you, embalming you.

That was something 14-year-old Deundrae Anderson didn t want to hear.

This is not the path you want to go down, he said. You don t want to let your mom see you here. Do better stuff with your life. Be successful.

It s been said that youth and wisdom seldom travel together, but at a funeral home in Houson s Third Ward, if only for a brief time, their paths merged.

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