HOUSTON Former Houston Texans linebacker Morlon Greenwood never seems satisfied.

Anything I always do I try to take it to the ultimate level; which is try to be the best, says Greenwood.

That is a lofty goal for the once-soccer loving kid from Jamaica.

I didn t know anything about football, says Greenwood with a laugh.

However, soon after coming to the US in 1989 that wasn t a problem anymore. He started playing football when he was in the 11th grade and two years later, he earned a full scholarship to Syracuse University when he started since he was a freshman.

I think that s why I love the game so much because it did so much for me, says Greenwood.

Greenwood played 8 years in the NFL, 4 in Houston. In 2009, the Texans released him, leaving a void needing to be filled. He tried doing that with music, under the artist name of Ultimate. It worked for awhile, that is, until a friend told him to try his hand at boxing.

I would always watch him, says Greenwood, who now plays for the Omaha Nighthawks of the United Football League (UFL). He would always call me over and be like, Morlon, come and shoot some punches, let me see your jab, let me see your jab.

And just like football, once he tried it, there was no turning back.

In football, you can blame it on the quarterback, you know, in the case where he has a bad game, says Greenwood. In boxing, the only person you can blame is yourself

He s strong, he s just kind of freakishly strong and that s another thing that stands out, says his trainer Dwight Pratchett. He s quick too. For his size, he s quick and has good hands speed.

I liked it from the beginning, but I wanted to learn the proper technique because I didn t want to just rush into it because I know boxing is a very serious sport, says Greenwood.

Despite its difficulty, Greenwood is determined to take this new sport, like his others, as far as he can.

You have to win and that s definitely the focus, says Greenwood. That s why you play. That s why you fight.

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