HOUSTON An army specialist took matters into his own hands Tuesday after someone broke into his wife s car.

I was upset, said Army Spc. Kenneth Galan, Someone had been in the vehicle. My wife lost a lot of paperwork a lot of important paperwork from her job. Checks, deposits, cash.

He started searching the Carrington at Gulf Pointe apartment complex in the 11600 block of Gulf Pointe Drive while his wife called police.

I m very proud of him because, me, I m chicken, Jessica Galan said. I just stayed in the house and locked the doors and talked to the police, but

he went out there and he was determined.

Even after police arrived, he kept looking for about 45 minutes. Finally, with the help of some other neighbors, he tracked the suspect down to another apartment where the suspect had been living.

John Douglas Austin, 17, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, said HPD spokesperson Jodi Silva. He allegedly tried to force himself into an apartment by shoving a gun through an open door.

Police also said Austin had broken into three cars at the complex, and robbed someone at gunpoint Monday outside a nearby supermarket.

He s being held on $30,000 bond, Silva said.

You got to take care of your family, Galan said. I don t like people that go around thinking that they deserve somebody else s stuff.

Galan enlisted in the Texas Army National Guard in 2008. He s served one tour in Iraq and recently served his country in Japan.

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