HOUSTON-- A Texas family law judge says his daughter posted a YouTube video of him beating her several years ago because he told her he was reducing her financial support and taking away her Mercedes.

Aransas County Court-at-Law Judge William Adams issued a statement through his lawyer on Thursday in which he questions his daughter Hillary s motives for posting the secretly-made 2004 video online last week.

The judge does not apologize in the three-page statement for lashing his then 16-year-old daughter 17 times with a belt while she wailed and pleaded with him to stop. He told a TV station Wednesday that the video looks worse than it is and that he was just disciplining his child.

But the beating continues to spark outrage.

I think for someone in his position to do that, it s terrifying. He s a man who s got a good education. He should know better, said parent Angela Allison.

When it comes to disciplininga child, opinions seem to always vary.

It s an unfair fight and the child is always going to lose. And as a physician who has treated abused children, I take personal offense to that, said Dr. Nathan Allison.

My father beat me on the butt with a belt when I was a little kid, so I don t see a problem with it, said Timothy Cone.

The Depelchin Children s Center counsels thousands of families each year, and promotes non-physical forms of punishment.

How far is too far in the eyes of the state? asked Julie Crowe, who works at the center. As far as the state, too far is when there s any kind of punishment that causes injury.

If punishments result in bruising, swelling or cuts, for example, experts say CPS is within its rights to get involved.

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