MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas A woman once considered herself one of the lucky ones in the Riley Road wildfire, but that quickly changed Tuesday.

Laura Koska s house along F.M. 1488 near the Montgomery/Waller County line was still standing after a wildfire burned 19,000 acres and destroyed 76 homes.

Koska counted her blessings for two days and finally unpacked what she and her two children grabbed before being evacuated a week ago.

Her children went back to school on Tuesday and she went to her job down the street from her house.

Then, just after noon, her co-worker saw something burning.

We were 200 yards away getting a house ready to rent and saw the smoke, said Steve Graham.

The mobile home Koska was renting was on fire and it was spreading fast. Firefighters were on patrol for wildfire hot spots and responded.

One of the booster trucks was cruising the area and got here fairly quickly, said Scott Burlin, with the Montgomery County Fire Marshall s Office.

Koska was too devastated to talk, but Graham said she lost everything, even her dogs.

Her house, the kids clothes, her purse, money, everything, said Grahamn. The dogs. All gone.

Dozens of families lost their homes in Waller, Grimes and Montgomery counties. Now Koska says she knows just how they feel.

It s a nightmare, Graham said.

Koska rented the mobile home and did not have insurance.

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