HOUSTON While some people consider jury duty to be an inconvenience, one young man blames the civic obligation for landing him in a lot of trouble.

Christian Daniels ended up in leg restraints on Wednesday for what he called an honest mistake.

Daniels reported to jury duty around 8 a.m. and thought someone directed him to what turned out to be the wrong courtroom. He stayed there for about two hours before he realized he was in the wrong place.

The woman told me to go to the criminal section of the courthouse, said Daniels.

When he arrived where he was supposed to be, he was in for a big shock.

The officer placed shackles on my feet, Daniels said.

Daniels was charged for failing to show up for jury duty.

I don t think it s fair that I was treated the way I was, said the 19-year-old from north Houston.

A judge later dismissed the case. Still, Daniels' mother can t believe what happened to her son.

I always tell him to do right but now I don t know what to say, said Laveta Daniels.

Daniels had never before been called for jury duty. He admitted the process seemed a bit overwhelming.

I was sent everywhere like a lab rat, he said.

In the end, he said he learned the importance of paying attention when called to serve.

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