HOUSTON -- The body of a newborn was found in a dumpster Tuesday at a southeast Houston apartment complex, Houston Police Department Homicide investigators said.

A maintenance man found the body at about 11:30 a.m. as he began trying to move trash from an overflowing dumpster at the WindShire Apartment complex to another one on the property, police said.

Police said the full-term or near-full-term baby girl was inside a vacuum cleaner box.

The maintenance worker puts the box on a golf cart and takes it to an empty dumpster, and makes a turn, and the box falls off the cart -- and that is how he discovered the baby inside the box, said HPD Homicide Sgt. Will Gonzales.

Police could not say if the baby was delivered dead or alive -- the baby was dead when it was found.

Initially, investigators were considering the possibility that the baby could have been delivered somewhere else and dumped at the location, but late Tuesday afternoon, there was evidence found that suggested that the baby came from somewhere in the complex.

Police were searching for the baby s mother Tuesday and said they were investigating a couple of possibilities at the WindShire Apartment complex.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call HPD homicide.

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