HOUSTON -- This year's Harris County election ballot is one of the longest ballots that the county has ever seen.

Voters may have to make more than 150 choices, and a lot of candidates are worried that voters will just vote a straight ticket.

It is kind of a meaningless vote when you have pages and pages of judges that are never going to have any impact on you, said voter Mark McDonald. I voted straight ticket so it was pretty quick.

While that may be a solution to some, it is a problem to others, Judge Robert Hinojosa said.

It is a great concern I think that all the judicial candidates have, he said. Because then, you just have straight-ticket voting and sweeps and it doesn't have anything to do with merit or lack of merit.

It's not just court judges that have concerns, Harris County Judge Ed Emmett said.

I'm below 30-some district judges, and above 30-some county-court-at-law judges. So we had to change our basic whole strategy, he said.

Emmett has a commercial that shows how to find his name on the ballot.

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