OBERHAUSEN, GERMANY - Global star and psychic, Paul the octopus has left no doubt as to who will win Sunday s World Cup final in Johannesburg.

On Friday, the eight-legged oracle took no time to pounce on the Spanish box and devour the winning team s mussel. And just to make his point he stayed on top of the Spanish flag to digest his fishy morsel.

The British-born cephalopod has had a hundred percent success rate so far in predicting who will win World Cup games. So far he has only been called upon when Germany is playing as he lives in a German sea-life aquarium in Oberhausen.

But for the final Paul was asked to perform one last time.

Paul cannot talk but appears to be drawn to certain flags of the countries participating in the World Cup.

On Friday, Paul was once again given the choice of picking food from two different plastic containers lowered into his tank one with a Spanish flag on it and one with a Dutch flag.

The container Paul opens first is seen as his pick.

Paul was born in Weymouth, England, he is 50 cm broad.

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