The flow of oil spewing from a sunken rig is gushing at least 10 times more oil than BP has admitted, an expert said Thursday.

Steve Wereley, a professor at Perdue University says the leak isn t just bigger than the Exxon Valdez, but it s so big that it could be leaking that amount every four days.

It is the first true scientific analysis of the pictures of the main leak released by BP. The video from BP shows the main leak 5000 feet under sea.

Wereley has spent the last 20 years studying fluid dynamics and he has analyzed the BP video and says he found something very different than the estimates the company and coast guard have been using.

That estimate is 5,000 barrels a day.

Approximately 70,000 barrels a day, he said. I didn't have any ulterior motives in doing this. But that is the conclusion that I come to. This is much bigger. It is going to be a much bigger problem than we had initially thought.

Wereley says that the analysis is just a snapshot of one moment in time, but that it seems very constant.

It is important to note that he suggests a 20 percent plus or minus range,
but even on the low end it is ten times more than BP's estimate.

Wereley said he is 100 percent certain of that fact.

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