HOUSTON -- Critics of Al Hoang have taken aim at the councilman after they said a biography published on an official city Web site purported hate against gays and lesbians.

People who have seen it are angry, said Kris Banks, president of the Houston Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Political Caucus.

According to the biography text, while some of his opponents might advocate for gays and liberals rights, Al is defending Christian and family values.

The idea that the rights of gay people and the rights of Christians, the values of families are different, is completely out of step with the city of Houston, said Banks. It's not something that we would expect to see from an elected official in this city.

Daniel Santamaria, a spokesman for Hoang, said the biography was unauthorized and no one in Hoang's office gave the city's Webmaster permission to publish it.

Santamaria said he didn't know where the text came from but an archived copy of Hoang's campaign Web site showed the same languauge in a biography published there.

Regardless of how it got up it's apalling, said Banks. It's certainly not something that someone who is purporting to be representing all the citizens of their districts should be saying.

In a statement to 11 News, Hoang said District F is one of the most diverse districts in the City of Houston. I'm proud and honored to represent the diverse values and views that make this Council District so great.

I'm looking forward to being a voice and representative for my entire constituency on Houston City Council, he said.

Hoang's biography was removed from the Web site shortly after 11 News reported the story on Saturday night.

On Monday morning, Hoang was sworn in to the City Council by Mayor Parker.

Listening to the inaugural address of our mayor today, I think that I have to learn a lot. I have to have an open mind, Hoang said.

Hoang is the first person of Vietnamese descent to serve on the Houston City Council.

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