FORT HOOD -- Army Specialist Dayna Ferguson had been busy preparing for her deployment to Iraq when she suddenly found herself in a combat zone at home.

The Houston soldierisamong the dozens of wounded who survived last week's shooting rampage at Fort Hood.

I could hear him coming, shooting, getting closer, Ferguson told 11 News by telephone from her hospital bed at Darnell Hospital on the Fort Hood post.

At first, she thought the sounds of gunfire were part of some kind of test. Within seconds, the 21-year-old knew it was all too real.

He shot me in the arm first, Ferguson remembered. He started shooting other people and then he shot me again in the leg. I don t remember getting shot in the shoulder.

He shot me in the left leg. It came up into my stomach and went through my fallopian tubes and my ovaries, so I had to get part of my intestines cut out, she said. And he shot me in my left arm which shattered my humerus and it collapsed one of my lungs.

Gunpowder residue filled the air aroundFerguson as she lay on the floor bleeding.

It was kind of foggy from all the bullets going off the walls and stuff, Ferguson said.

Major Nidal Hassan isaccusedof killing13 people and wounding dozens more.

Ferguson described the face of her silent attacker. Kind of angry and focused on the people he was shooting, like no expression. Just kind of angry, I guess, she said.

The Clear Lake High school graduate is engaged to a fellow soldier who was already in Iraq. The military shipped him home immediately after the shooting.He and her family members were at her side when she got a visit from the Commander in Chief.

Fergusongiggled as she remembered the visit from President Obama. He gave me a coin, really cool! He gave me a kiss on the cheek, actually.
The presidenttold Ferguson'sfamily how sorry he was about the shootings. Ferguson spent a few days in ICU, butnot in isolation. She understands how deeply the attacksimpacted her nation.
Yes, I had a TV in my room, Ferguson said. I was watching it.
Ferguson is a mental or behavioral health specialist.She said littleabout the accused gunman.About herself, she said simply that she is not angry, just thankful.

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