We have not had sufficient time to review the approximately 300 pages of material that you e-mailed me. All of the allegations in the Plaintiff's Fifth Amended Petition are just that -- allegations. We hope that those viewing this document and its attachments will give the legal process time to work and are confident that it will show that TWIA's claims handling practices are fair to our policyholders.

I do not know of anyone in the TWIA offices who has accepted gifts in excess of $500 in exchange for contracts or any other favors.

Plaintiff lawyers' allegations about Reggie Warren are intended to vex, harass and intimidate him personally and to gain leverage against TWIA in litigation.

All of the allegations are currently being litigated so it would be inappropriate to comment about specifics.

As it relates to this particular claim file for Bakht Khattak I offer the following:

Plaintiff counsel's allegations are a diversion from the facts of Mr. Khattak's case. Mr. Khattak did not advise TWIA of any disagreement regarding the amount paid on his claim before filing a lawsuit. When Mr. Khattak filed suit and gave TWIA its first notice of the dispute, he demanded $810,000 in economic damages, even though his insurance policy is limited to $204,000 for the dwelling and $80,000 for personal property. We don't know what is in the economic damages number because it is not explained in the demand letter, there is no contractor's estimate, invoice or other documentation that shows what makes up the economic damages, and he has refused TWIA's request to have the differences determined by an independent appraisal process. Mr. Khattak also demanded $286,380 in attorneys fees on day one of the lawsuit.

Jim Oliver

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