Your vacation budget doesn't have to be large for you and your family to have fun.Texas is a state that offers everything from beaches to mountains and there are plenty of destinations that are just a road trip away.

Saving Cents
Saving Cents: Road trip to Dallas
July 1, 2009

A three day trip to Dallas for a family of four, not including meals, costs less than $500 for transportation, lodging and two attractions.

Dallas has Six Flags Over Texas. It has 100 rides and attractions and, new this year, a nightly parade called Glow in the Park.

If you buy admission tickets online, there's a flat price of $31 each, plus tax, for adults or children. The price at the gate is $50.

"Teenagers will love Six Flags. There are lots of things for the family to do for very different ages. There are shows. There are rides for different age children, different sized children," said Sarah Schimmer of AAA Texas.

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Another Dallas area attraction is Cowboys Stadium in Arlington.

It is the largest football stadium in the nation with a retractable roof. It can hold 100,000 fans. You can take a full tour of this brand new facility for $15 for each adult, $12 for each child.

Here is a budget for a family of four to enjoy a three day getaway in Dallas:

Dallas road trip budget

3 Star Hotel (for best deals search for hotels in a Dallas suburb)

$68/night x 3 nights = $204 (price includes tax)

Gas round trip from Houston to Dallas = $60

Six Flags Admission $33.48 x 3 = $134 (includes tax)

Parking at Six Flags = $15

Cowboys Stadium Tour $15 x 2 adults = $30

Cowboys Stadium Tour $12 x 2 kids = $24


TOTAL = $467

We leave the food budget entirely up to you.

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