The most powerful weapons you have if you want to lower your bills are your telephone and your persistence, say experts.

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May 20, 2009

In most cases, all you have to do is let you fingers do the walking and make a call.

Reporter Sherry Williams put that theory to the test. She called the electric, cable, cell phone and gas companies and simply asked them, straight out, to lower her monthly bills. All but one if the companies gave her a break.

In fact, the electric company lowered the price she pays per kilowatt down to about $31 a month. Plus, they'll give her an annual 3 percent refund of the money she has paid in the last year.

The cable company gave Sherry a $6 decrease, but only for six months. Her total bill is $145 a month, but it includes internet and phone service.

The cell phone company agreed to give Sherry a one-time credit of $75.

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The gas company did not give Sherry a deal. They said that they do not negotiate.

Overall, Sherry's total savings after making four phone calls equaled to $112.

Her total monthly savings, at least for now, is $37.

One thing to remember is that you need to ask for a supervisor if you make your own calls.

They may tell you that you can cut your bill by cutting services. Insist you want the same services for a lower price. Also, be polite and patient because you may spend time on hold.

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