SAN ANTONIO -- An additional toxicology report was ordered for Cameron Redus, the UIW student who was shot and killed outside his apartment by a campus police officer.

Redus, 23, was shot five times at close range by Cpl. Christopher Carter with the University of Incarnate Word Police Department, following a traffic stop a few blocks north of campus on Dec.6.

The toxicology was sent to NMS Labs in Pennsylvania for testing for Psilocin and synthetic cannabinoids. Both substances are known for their mind-altering effects. The first can be found in drugs such as magic or psychedelic mushrooms.

Redus' blood tested negative for both substances. The test was conducted on July 7. The original toxicology from the Bexar County Medical Examiner was deemed completed on Jan. 9.

It is unclear who called for the additional toxicology but a Redus spokesman said Thursday he was unaware any additional testing had been requested.

Redus was shot five times at close range and died at the scene. Carter said Redus became combative after pulling over and he was forced to shoot him five times at close range following a six-minute physical confrontation.

Investigators have said an audio recording from Carter's lapel microphone backs up the officer's claims but that audio has not been released to the media.

Additionally, the family of Redus filed a lawsuit against the university and Carter in May.

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