HOUSTON Politics aside, one thing Texas Gov. Rick Perry has been consistent and clear about for years is his desire to see changes on the border.

He detailed his view of the problem to the President in a 2010 letter. In it Perry talks mostly about the need for added security because of the danger posed by drug cartels, not warning of the current humanitarian crisis on the border.

Yesterday s private conversation on Marine One between the two leaders did not stay private long.

The first thing I asked him when I sat on Marine One was I hope you will come to the border. He responded and said you know my guys have been down there six times. Your guys are one thing and you are another. I don t think that George Bush got away with saying his FEMA director had been to New Orleans six times, Perry said.

A Katrina moment, the disaster that ended up haunting the Bush administration, something that President Obama does not like to compare.

This is not theatre. This is a problem. I am not interested in photo ops, I am interested in solving a problem, the President said.

It is a difficult problem that is more than humanitarian, more than political, it is financial.

The burden is something that as humanitarians we can accept. But it needs to be paid for by the federal government, said Gerald Treece, KHOU 11 News Legal Expert. You can blame a lot of things and people. But they are all federal.

Still Texas has invested more than $115 million in recent years to increase border security and will likely bear financial burden from the current crisis, helping to house and care for children waiting for immigration hearings.

Perry would say it should not just be paid for by the feds, but witnessed by the Chief Executive.

That is what governors and presidents do. When there is a tragedy when there is a natural disaster or a manmade like this one is. That is what leaders do. They show up. They interact and they see for themselves what is going on, Perry said.

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