THE WOODLANDS, Texas John Kimmins plumbing problems forced him to go to extremes to do daily chores like washing dishes or clothes.

The disabled Vietnam War veteran didn't have the resources or money to fix it. That all changed after his story aired on KHOU 11 News earlier this week.

Kimmins can now do the dishes the normal way after an extraordinary outpouring of support by KHOU 11 News viewers. Among those offering to help were several master plumbers like Kevin Dempsey.

We went through all the toilets just to verify that there was nothing broken underneath the house, Dempsey, of McKinley Plumbing Services, said.

His team spent five hours on the job at Kimmins' house all for free and Dempsey didn't stop there.

We're gonna go ahead and replace the toilets inside in both bathrooms, Dempsey said. We need to get the water heater replaced and do some work in there.

This shows me that there are so many people that do care about other people that they don't even know, Kimmins said.

Kimmins' neighbor is the one who led the charge to get him some help.

I've had people that want to do his lawn and wash his dishes and clean his house, Daphne Mair-Miley said.

The bank called Friday morning to tell her perfect strangers have donated more than $1,700. Randy Hartley, who makes a habit out of helping folks in our city, did it again for Kimmins.

So john, I d like to present you a check, a donation for $2,000, Hartley told Kimmins.

There's more Chad Osani, an expert home inspector with ASAP Inspection Group, is listing needed repairs so volunteers can get to work.

He also got the Lowe's in Spring to donate brand new appliances.

This disabled veteran admits before he received all this goodwill he was a little depressed about his situation but not now because his water is running.

For those who would like to help, donations can be made at any Wells Fargo Bank under the account name:


There is also a Facebook page under the name: Helpfor John Kimmins

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