SAN ANTONIO -- About 70 abandoned and stray dogs flirting with death's door get a second chance at life. They're getting their rest in San Antonio before they hitch a ride to Colorado Thursday morning. It seems pet lovers in other states want to take advantage of the overpopulation of dogs here in south Texas.

According to Animal Care Services, it's had to put down a little more than 3,000 dogs this fiscal year. While that number may seem alarming it's nothing compared to two years ago. The owner of the organization Tracy's Dogs said she feels like she's helping bring those numbers down.

From the biggest to the smallest dog, each and every one at Tracy's Dogs has a story to tell. Some were extremely sick and abandoned while others were close to getting euthanized. That's where Tracy's Dogs comes into play.

The dogs that we unfortunately have to euthanize here [in San Antonio] due to space are actually wanted in high demand in other parts of the country [like Wisconsin and Colorado], said the founder of Tracy's Dogs.

In such high demand, Tracy started her organization three years ago to give San Antonio dogs a second chance even if it meant driving them out of state and far away.

We don t get any compensation for it other than a picture of our dog with their new owners, she said.

Tracy's Dogs is doing what it can to help San Antonio dogs find a forever home but foster pet parents said more needs to be done.

If people would just fix their dog that would be perfect you know, said LuAnn Shutts.

According to Animal Care Services, it's euthanizing fewer dogs each year. In 2012, ACS put down more than 13,000 pets. The number dropped dramatically to about 6,700 in 2013.

It has gotten better however as long as we continue to euthanize tail wagging friendly dogs I still need to do a better job because I want to get everyone of them out, said Tracy.
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