HOUSTON Houston police are on the lookout for a babysitter who is accused of a dark crime inside an apartment in northwest Houston.

Police won t release a photo of 23-year-old Edward Lee Turner, but they say he was the child s babysitter in January and February of this year.

Court documents tell a disturbing tale. The babysitter would take care of the child at least three times a week. Police say the boy was sexually assaulted a lot of times.

It s horrible to do a 3-year-old baby like that, said Tina Alexander, a concerned parent.

Neighbors in the complex said they would hear children screaming. They said they reported it to management, but no one did anything.

It s disgusting, one neighbor said. It happened right where I live. As a parent, and (as) every other parent out here will tell you, it s disgusting.

The babysitter did have a criminal record. He got probation for burglary in 2012. He was told if he stayed out of trouble, his record would be wiped clean. And now this happened.

Turner has been charged with sexual asault of a child.

I don t trust anybody with my kids, said Alexander. I stay home with my own kids. I m here for my kids.

Police said they can t find Turner to arrest him.

Neighbors are really worried about the little boy.

You cannot undo sexual assault, said a neighbor.

Anyone with information on Edward Lee Turner s whereabouts is asked to call Houston Police.

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